EFRODISIAC is finally back after almost half a year, bringing you the new original content of Pooping Girls on the internet.
Keep an eye on Next Generation girl Faylana, a very shy girl who at first was shocked to know about this website; that there
even was such thing as a website with girls pooping in front of the camera - let alone guys getting off at viewing this.
But, like most of the girls, she found it a sexy thought of showing her bare butt, even pooping, and then knowing guys (and girls)
would be watching her.
Super models like Starla just returned, Rockchick will be returning and a lot of old and new feces (faces) join in to bring you
the first EDSC update since a long time.

You now can choose between signing up via NetDebit or Inet-Cash: in case your bank declines one, you just try the other.
Now hopefully we can start updating both Joy Angeles and Efrodisiac.
For the lovers of the powerpissing genre there is the new website www.powerpiss.com
Hopefully we can expand this with the upcoming website for the farting lovers www.fartoria.com.


Almost every Efrodisiac clip has it's own story. New generation girl Faylana is the youngest girl of the update.
If there are some glimpses of her face, you'll see this girl is one of the prettiest Caucasian girls on the planet.
Girls like her, Gia and quite a lot of other models you wouldn't expect to poop in front of the camera - but here it is.


It is always a thrill to feature the real 'Afrodisiac' as there is so little of it done.
Hopefully new (and also young) Verniqua will provide us with lots of clips in the future.
She doesn't mind showing her face and posing with her poo... magnificent.


The girl with the nice big butt is back and she looks wonderful. Notice this is
a pooping clip, but she is peeing about a litre while pushing out her girl turds:
Turn up the volume for maximum enjoyment.

A NEW BBG (also quite young)

This is a new model. She entered the public ladies toilets during rush hour.
What makes the clip so hot is that you can see there's another girl pooping,
and pooping seriously, in the next stall: you can see her shoe: motionless and
then you know this girl is pooping - really well.
We hear a lot of pissing, pooping and see her long turd in the toilet when she's done.
I'm starting to sound like this other website stealing my content so I'll stop commenting...

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