One of the most remarkable updates of 2011

And here you have it: 23 year old CIELO from Hawaii sent her first clip of an ENORMOUS Hawaiian Hula girl-turd - something
which we very definitely have never seen before. Gaping ass lovers will surely love CIELO, as her butthole stretches open
wide like a coke can and still remains stretched open wide after the turd's biggest part has been pushed through...

STARLA is back again! One of the most popular JA models ever was surprised herself when she pushed out
this ultra-long curly turd. She starts laughing about the cliché cartoonesque curl that this super-turd
has. And as much of a cliché curl this might be, it's one of the very first curling turds we ever saw
in real life. We most certainly never saw something like that coming out of a hot blond girl's ass...

Shellyna announced she was away for good - but just surprised us yet again with another series of incredible,
really INCREDIBLE clips. This model became the most notorious Huge Poop Model on the internet in 2008 with her
impossibly huge and thick turds that just never seemed to stop coiling out of her ass. Her record still stays at
an amazing 3 and a half Kg worth of poop in one sitting. This model has fans all across the world and they will
be very pleased to see yet another impossible load of their favorite explosive butt. And she now farts too.
Long loud farts. The result of her incredible pile is placed on top of the toiletbowl to give us an impression
of the sheer size of her bowels...

Rockchick just likes to poop. She's into the scat fetish even and gets a kick out of the
idea that guys are watching her ass as she pushes her turds out.

Noone actually knows anything about ANABEL. She started sending JA her clips about 3 years ago and
she looked like a college girl back then. Her biggest turds unfortunately never were recorded as she
started recording after her 'Amazing Turd Pile - period', but still she pushes out a nice load everytime.
ANABEL is famous for having and ass that makes you want to bite it. Most members here wished they really

ELENA still must be secretly the most beautiful girl JA has ever featured. It is too bad
we cannot show how goodlooking this girl really is, as she prefers to hide her face.
Oftentimes this girl really poops huge, thick bricks. There's always one clip of her which
is worth a fortune in EFRO land...

This is the 2nd clip of Hawaiian CIELO, yet another surprising MONSTER pooper.
This girl will certainly draw a lot of attention with her future clips and
most probably even more gargantuan turds. JA already stopped recruiting a long
time ago: The site is now attracting the girls by itself. CIELO is another example
of the many girls that poop such huge icecream fantasy turds which now are visible
for all EFRO lovers instead of unseen as they have been for ages...

EFRO dancing was first thought up somewhere in 2005, which was then EFRO STRIPTEASE.
And why not: you've got ages of men loving to watch girls strip and dance, so we
figured the EFRO lover would rather like the adding of the pooping and peeing. We
never stopped featuring it - if only we could have a girl who was willing to do it.
Luckily we have yet another one: it's always a kinky sight to watch a girl dance as
you see her dance normally - but now her turds are falling out of her sexy butt... it's
quite a unique sight, which not many of us must have seen live...

Another new ELENA clip who now films frontal - but manages to keep her face
completely invisible. As much as we would love to show her, we choose to just
let her do how she wants to do it: With a little begging it would be possible
to actually see her in all her glory - face and all. If we would do this, we
would get the best possible EFRO clips ever, as we saw her face once, on a pic
she sent. You don't wanna know...

And here's CATHY: the other HAWAIIAN girl. It's unknown whether CATHY and CIELO are related
or friends, but they did promise us they will even team up and film together! JA many times
said: 'It doesn't get any better than this' but for some reason it always does.
The new CATHY clip will be featured the next update, and this girl can REALLY shit...

Here's a girl who REALLY can shit too: the German top model LEELOO. Many fans for this girl too,
as here she manages to produce such a huge soft pile that would make any self-respecting soft serve
icecream machine quite jealous...

Every girl has her own unique way of pooping and peeing: ANABEL does it her own, very
recognizable way: She gets down on her knees doggystyled, then poops a large pile, pauses
and starts to pee a powerful hissing stream onto the floor. Then we see her butthole open
up again as more soft poo starts to fall out of her... no matter how many times you watch
it, it remains the most sexy sight ever... And look at that butt!

LEELOO is relatively knew on JA but already known for her impressive long turds and is one
of these new Monster Pooping Girls. Another massive pile she shits out here, and we never
see her struggle or desperate: she does it as easy as anything, while in the meantime it is
a HUGE pile we're looking at. Camera always fails to give the right impression of the size
of these shits: If you were there you'd be twice as impressed as you are now. JA refuses to
use fisheye - lenses like most of the Japanese toiletcams have: it looks huge, but it's 5 times
as small in reality. These clips you can calculate as twice as big. Mind boggling...

ELENA pooping standing upright. She did a super clip the previous update and this one
actually is too far away, we considered not using it - but what the hell... it's still
a girl standing somewhere, pooping on the floor...

ELENA's THICKEST turd EVER. In a public toilet, with other girls audible peeing and pooping around her,
she squeezes out the fattest and biggest turd - which she decides to catch with her hands, knowing she
will clog this ladiesroom's toiletbowl with this monster, which she then proudly presents to the cam...

Rockchick shits in her bathtub. She always has the most knobbly pebble turds, which,
as she says herself: 'do not smell at all'. although we never asked, she insists she
wants to sit on her own turd with her bare ass: she's a true Scat Fetishist. Incredibly
rare. We see the internet filled with scatgirls - but this is one of the few who really
like doing it...

And then it's back to Turd Goddess SHELLYNA, who produces one of the most staggering piles
we saw so far. It's just unbelievable what this young law student produces and leaves many
JA enthousiasts with dropped jaws: she pushes out about 60 cm turds per push, repeating this
about 4 times. Sometimes - at our request - she laid all turds together in their full length
as we were curious to the total length of her turd. Her record is close to 2 meters: Just
incredible. See her toiletbowl completely filled with her poop: you can barely see any porcelain...

This is a clip we received and we don't know it's origin: A student type of girl
appears to be down in a laundery basement, either recording herself or being recorded
by a spycam. We presume she recorded this herself as this would be too good to be true:
She shits a big pile exactly centered in frame. But it's intruiging - and a pleasure
to watch this girl being naughty...

DIARRHEA LOVERS might find this the best clip of 2011: STARLA having severe diarrhea and with lots
of noises, wet farting and big sprays of brown liquid she makes a fairly big sloppy pile.
Nothing more sexy than seeing this blond bomber go. She's also the uncrowned pissing Queen: Noone
can pee as much as STARLA...

This might be an interesting thing: Starla made her comeback, but said two clips
didn't have her usual enormous turds... what do we do at JA? Feature these anyway?
Or only use the best ones? If we would feature each clip we would receive, we could
update a lot sooner - but some clips would be more 'average'. Mind that most updates
are about 20 gems selected out of 30 to 40 to sometimes 50 clips. Lots of 'average'
clips we leave out these days; the clips you'd find on sites like netporn or on any
pornhost (while most of those clips even are ours too)
So what do we do? Keep pushing the envelope and only feature the best - so that future
models see: 'Wow, we have to really show something here!' or just put out more of the
same? Quantity or the real gems? Because sometimes you will have to wait a while while
your membership is running out. If you take a close look at the clips we DO feature
you'll immediately understand why we sometimes wait until we have enough gems.
If you want more clips and the hell with the gems collection... let us know at
[email protected]

The last clip of a quite memorable update, this October 2011 update: Starla, managing somehow
to capture our attention with the most sexy pooping: fully clothed, her butthole invisible, but
we see the girls poop really coming out of this lady. No close up of a butt - but poop falling
out of a female body; it's different...